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With the guidance and legal implications around close contact services now updated we have been able to establish what this means in terms of safety within the salon. Therefore, we have further augmented safety measures over and above those stipulated whilst infection rates remain as they are. By fully meeting all government requirements and further adding to that expectation through the addition of our own requirements, we hope to provide the safest environment we can. To clarify those expectations we list below that which you may expect of us and that which we ask of our clients. In doing so we hope to paint a clear, transparent picture of how the salon will look as we move forward.

What to expect from us:

What we ask of our clients:

Through the above I have tried to outline how my salon will operate at this difficult time. I would also, therefore, try to outline an ethos for the salon as we all try our best to move forward. In this so called new normal we will perhaps wish to understand such an ethos when considering the safety of both ourselves and those around us.

I appreciate that for some, the prospect of venturing out to a beauty salon is a daunting one. Perhaps after shielding for a long period of time. Perhaps concerned about spreading the virus to others. Or more obviously, wishing to avoid contracting the virus. But there should be no pressure to go anywhere before you feel safe and comfortable to do so. You will know when that time is right for you. As a business, we hope to be here for you at that time. At the moment, home is almost certainly the safest place to be if it is where you feel comfortable and secure.

For some, what has been outlined in my previous posts will no doubt be 'over the top'. They have no intention of wearing a face mask. Lock downs and government guidelines don’t apply to them. None of the 45,000 lives lost to this virus was a family member or a friend. They're not going to catch it. For the sake of everyone else, home is also the safest place for them to be. I am afraid not my salon at this present time.

Those not willing to abide by the conditions outlined may wish to seek alternative provision at this time. To everyone else, I look forward to seeing you all soon (or the top half of your face anyway) and look forward even more to a time when we can return to the old normal. Thank you all again for your wonderful support throughout this time. Kim X

During this difficult time we must all learn to adapt our behaviours if we are to slow infection and get life back to normal. Similarly, we have needed to make many adaptations to our business for the safety of all concerned. Those changes are listed below along with expectations of both staff and visitors to the salon.